A Look at the Projects Woodworkers Can Complete Using an X-TRA Edge Bandsaw Blade

Woodworking projects can be made more challenging by working with blades that are unsuited to the application. But many home woodworkers don’t have a clear understanding on the latest blades on the marketplace, and their uses. Within this post, our trusted team of blade experts offer their quick guide to the projects woodworkers can complete using an X-TRA Edge bandsaw blade.
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Put Your Meat Cutting Knives to the Test as We Highlight the Best Cuts of Meat to Roast or Grill

When preparing that delicious meal at home, chefs will likely need to know more on which cuts of meat offer the best flavor after grilling or roasting. Understanding the differences between the various cuts of meat can ensure the perfect home cooked meal for family and friends this summer season. And so in this latest post, our meat cutting experts will detail how to use your knives to enhance meal flavors as we look at some of the various cuts of meat.
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Use the Latest Giesser Knife Products for Kitchen Efficiency

To streamline your kitchen prep work and ensure you maximize your time in making delicious meals for friends and family, a high quality knife is a must have tool. Here at Saw Blade Express, we’re continually discussing the value the latest Giesser knife products can bring to the modern kitchen space. To help you utilize your knife to its full potential, let’s look at a recipe for a delicious meal that can be crafted in minutes thanks to the precision and sharpness delivered by Giesser knife products. Continue reading

Specialists for Fine Woodworking Saw Blades, Saw Blade Express Presents 3 Tips for Cutting Logs with a Band Saw

When cutting logs for a home woodworking project, it’s important to use a tool that allows for exceptional precision and seamless cutting efficiency. That’s why many are now turning to band saws to complete this type of cutting work. For those without experience using band saw blades to cut their wood, learning expert techniques can help save time and energy. Our trusted team has many years experience working with fine woodworking saw blades on woodworking projects. And within this post, we’ll present three tips for cutting logs with a band saw. Continue reading

The Importance of Slicing Against the Grain Using Meat Slicer Blades

When slicing meat ready for that delicious home cooked meal, you might find the process of creating the ideal cut challenging. Many believe there are no cutting techniques that can help improve the flavor of the meat. But this isn’t true, and the type of slice you use and the way in which you slice the meat in preparation for the meal can make a large difference in terms of the quality of the meal. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of slicing against the grain when harnessing meat slicer blades and kitchen knives. Continue reading

Honing Vs Sharpening – How to Get the Most from Your Giesser Knife

In order to maintain your home kitchen knives effectively, it’s important to understand the differences between the main maintenance techniques. Our team here at Saw Blade Express has significant experience in maintaining the latest knife products from brands such as Giesser, and so in this latest post we’ll explain the differences between honing and sharpening a knife. Continue reading

Four Essential Meat Cutting Knives for Your Home Kitchen

By harnessing the latest meat cutting knives, you can ensure cooking efficiency and minimize the number of challenges you face when preparing your favorite meals. To find the best quality knives within the marketplace, it’s important to work directly with one of the industry’s leading suppliers. In this latest post, the team here at Saw Blade Express highlights four meat cutting knives for your home kitchen. Continue reading

California Hunters Can Harness SOG Knives to Craft This Delicious Outdoor Meal

California has great weather for outdoor cooking and can be enjoyable for many.  Taking the time to prepare a meal for your family or friends after a hunting trip is often a relaxing experience that takes you away from the work desk and puts your creative abilities to the test.  Using the latest SOG knives from the leading U.S. manufacturer brings a unique element to outdoor cooking prep. You can still take your time to enjoy the process, but using a higher quality of product will minimize the strain. Here, we’ll take a look at a delicious recipe for you to put your slicing skills to the test. Continue reading

Our Experts Offer Guidance on Maintaining Meat Slicer Blades

Whether it’s within a butcher’s shop environment or at home, the quality of meat slicing work depends largely upon the quality of the blades. Meat slicer blades must be of the optimal quality and in the ideal condition to achieve that precise, thin, and repeatable cut. Both home users and butcher shop teams must have a comprehensive understanding on blade maintenance to ensure they work efficiently and effectively. Within this post, our team offers their expertise on meat slicer blade maintenance. Continue reading

Why Quality Matters: The Benefits of Selecting Fine Woodworking Saw Blades

Within the woodworking field, precision is critical. The slightest error in the sawing process can ruin a woodworking project and cause the woodworker to have wasted many hours refining the product. To complete the highest quality wood work, only fine woodworking saw blades should be used. And so, within this post, we’ll provide our insight on the benefits of selecting fine woodworking saw blades. Continue reading